New International Version (©1984)
He spreads out the northern [skies] over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.(Job 26:7)

Astronomers have discovered a great empty space in the North - IN THE NEBULA OF THE CONSTELLATION OF ORION (!!!!!!!! - my emphasis)

a heavenly cavern so gigantic that the mind of man cannot comprehend it, and so brilliantly beautiful that words cannot adequately describe it. These revelations were made possible by gigantic lenses, plus long exposures of photographic plates, which in turn can be further magnified.

This increases the vision of man so tremendously that he is able to peer into the depths of interstellar space and glimpse the vastness of infinity itself ... (Job 26:7.)"

Astronomers seem to agree that there is a huge opening in Orion which is perhaps more than sixteen trillion miles in diameter. This means that across the entrance of this opening in the North, there could be 30,000 solar systems like ours with a sun in the middle of each -- and still there would be room to spare.

One scientist, Mr. Learkin of Mt. Lowe Observatory, describes it this way: "The interior of the cavern is so stupendous that our entire solar system would be lost therein. I have watched it since the days of youth in many telescopes of many powers," he said, "but I never dreamed that the central region is the mouth of a colossal cave.

The pen of a writer and the brush of an artist would be lifeless and inert in any attempt to describe this interior; for the depth of the Orion nebula appears like torn and twisted objects and river masses of shining glass, irregular pillars, columns of stalactites in glittering splendor and stalagmites from the mighty floor.

The appearance is like that of light shining and glowing behind the clear walls of ivory and pearl, studded with millions of diamonds like shining stars."

The scientist went on to say that there must be some reason why all this grandeur is lavished on this one spot in the heavens. "The colors are a hue peculiar to the Orion and studded around the opening so that they appear as a pavement of starry sand.

No wonder the astronomers (many of them not religious), say they feel as if they were in some Almighty "Presence" while scanning this part of the heavens and become speechless before this great outburst of grandeur extending for trillions of miles through space."

The North seems to have great significance in God´s Word. ... (Psalms 48: 1&2.)


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