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Nasa Old Testament ba ang "TATLO" ang Ama ,Anak at ang Espiritu Santo.(Mateo 28:19)


Nuon pa man magkasama na itong TATLO ng Lumalang ang Elohim ng TAo mababanaag na natin na may KA-NATIN ang ELohim .(Genesis 1:26)

Na buhat sa Walang Hanggang ay siya ang AMA.(Isaias 63:16) dahil Ama natural  may ANAK .(Kawikaan 30:4,Awit 2:12,6-7) at maging Espiritu Santo ay Kasama rin sa pagiging MANLILIKHA(Genesis 1:1-2,Awit 104:30,Job 26:13,Job 33:4)

Ito ang Iisang Espiritu ,iisang Panginoon at Iisang Dios.(1 Corinto 12:4-6)

Ang DIOS ang tinatawag na LANGIT .(Lucas 15:18) mayroong MGA LANGIT na magpaparusa sa mga masasamang tao

Ihahayag ng MGA LANGIT ang kaniyang kasamaan, at ang lupa ay babangon laban sa kaniya. (Job 20:27)

Itong MGA LANGIT ay tumutukoy sa AMA, sa ANAK , at sa BANAL NA ESPIRITU na magpaparusa sa masasama sa araw ng paghuhukom.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


A sharp view into black holes in the South Pole Sky

The Event Horizon Telescope has made a step toward taking the first detailed pictures of black holes by adding the South Pole Telescope to its instrumentation lineup.
By Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn, Germany

Job 9:9
who made the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the chambers of the south;

The Chambers of the South is The Blackholes found in in South Pole Skies

Astronomers building an Earth-sized virtual telescope capable of photographing the event horizon of the black hole at the center of our Milky Way have extended their instrument to the bottom of the planet — the South Pole — thanks to recent efforts by a team of astronomers with participation of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR) in Bonn, Germany.

Last December, an international team of astronomers flew to the Southern Hemisphere. German, Chilean, and Korean scientists led by Alan Roy of the MPIfR traveled to Atacama, Chile, while American scientists led by Dan Marrone of the University of Arizona flew to the South Pole — all to arrange the telescopes into the largest virtual telescope ever built, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). By combining telescopes across Earth, the EHT will take the first detailed pictures of black holes.

“The goals of the EHT are to test Einstein’s theory of general relativity, understand how black holes eat and generate relativistic outflows, and to prove the existence of the event horizon, or ‘edge,’ of a black hole,” said Marrone.

APEX, which recorded successful joint observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) on January 13, 2015, with a virtual telescope of 1.29 miles (2.08 kilometers) in size, has now been connected with the South Pole Telescope (SPT), more than 4,300 miles (7,000km) away. This is the latest addition to an array of telescopes spread out across the globe and linked using a technique known as very long baseline interferometry (VLBI). Larger telescopes can make sharper observations, and interferometry allows multiple telescopes to act like a single telescope as large as the separation — or “baseline” — between them. Using VLBI, the sharpest observations can be achieved by making the separation between telescopes as large as possible.

“To make this work, we had to bring cutting-edge technology to some of the most remote places on Earth,” said Alan Roy. “It is a logistic challenge to include an increasing number of telescopes from Hawaii to Europe, from North America to Chile and to the South Pole to provide us with much improved image quality and sharpness.”

Even though the Milky Way’s black hole, known as Sagittarius A* (pronounced “A-star”), is 4 million times more massive than the Sun, it is tiny to the eyes of astronomers. Smaller than Mercury’s orbit around the Sun, yet more than 27,000 light-years away, studying its event horizon in detail is equivalent to standing in New York and reading the date on a cent in Germany.

With its unprecedented resolution, more than 1,000 times better than the Hubble telescope, the EHT will see swirling gas on its final plunge over the event horizon, never to regain contact with the rest of the universe. If the general theory of relativity is correct, the black hole itself will be invisible because not even light can escape its immense gravity. However, it might still be seen as a silhouette against the background.

First postulated by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, the existence of black holes has since been supported by decades’ worth of astronomical observations. Most, if not all, galaxies are now believed to harbor a supermassive black hole at their center, and smaller ones formed from dying stars should be scattered among their stars. The Milky Way is known to be home to about 25 smallish black holes ranging from five to 10 times the Sun’s mass. But never has it been possible to directly observe and image one of these cosmic oddities.

For their preliminary observations, the joint telescopes pointed to two known black holes, Sagittarius A* in our galaxy and another located 10 million light-years away in a galaxy named Centaurus A. For this experiment, the APEX telescope in Chile and the SPT in Antarctica observed together, despite being nearly 4,300 miles (7,000km) apart. Their detections are the highest-resolution observations ever made of either object in the southern sky, beating the previous record of peering into the heart of an active galactic nucleus by a factor of 10. Detecting a compact feature in Centaurus A at the resolution of 50 microarcseconds is equivalent to measuring an object 150 times the gravitational radius of the black hole at its center, believed to have a mass of 70 million Suns.

“Centaurus A is not visible from central Europe, and it has always been on our wish list,” said Alan Roy who knows the source quite well from Australia where he grew up. “And it is very impressive to detect Sagittarius A*, the central source of our Milky Way, at such high resolution.”

The addition of the SPT enhances the annual EHT experiments that combine telescopes all over the world. Several new telescopes have been preparing to join the EHT in the next year, meaning that the next experiment will be the largest both geographically and with regard to the number of telescopes involved. The engagement of the MPIfR is present through APEX and the IRAM telescopes in Pico Veleta (Spain) and Plateau de Bure (France), all operating at a wavelength as short as 1.3mm.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Psalms 126:5-6
They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Anatomy of lacrimation, showing
a) Lacrimal gland
b) Superior lacrimal punctum
c) Superior lacrimal canal
d) Lacrimal sac
e) Inferior lacrimal punctum
f) Inferior lacrimal canal
g) Nasolacrimal canal

Lacrimation, or lachrymation, (from Latin lacrima, meaning "tear") is the secretion of tears, which often serves to clean and lubricate the eyes in response to an irritation of the eyes. Tears formed through crying are associated with strong internal emotions, such as sorrow, elation, emotion, awe or pleasure. Laughing or yawning may also lead to the production of tears.

"...But mine eye poureth out tears unto God.(Job 16:20)

Some modern therapy movements such as Re-evaluation Counseling teach that crying is beneficial to health and mental well-being, encouraging it positively.An insincere display of grief or dishonest remorse is sometimes called crocodile tears in reference to an Ancient Greek anecdote that crocodiles would pretend to weep while luring or devouring their prey.In addition, in medical terms, someone is said to have crocodile tears syndrome as an uncommon consequence of recovery from Bell's palsy, in which faulty regeneration of the facial nerve causes sufferers to shed tears while eating.

The phrase "having a good cry" suggests that crying can actually make you feel physically and emotionally better, which many people believe. Some scientists agree with this theory, asserting that chemicals build up in the body during times of elevated stress. These researchers believe that emotional crying is the body's way of ridding itself of these toxins and waste products.

a study conducted by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, emotional tears from women have been found to reduce sexual arousal in men. Also, emotional tears are made up of a different chemical component than those evoked by eye irritants and can relay chemical messages to others. The change in sex drive could be attributed to a drop in testosterone provoked by the tear chemicals, reducing aggression. In the animal world, it has been found that some blind mole rats rub tears all over their bodies as a strategy to keep aggressive mole rats away.

Tears are continually produced in small quantities by the Tear Glands, which are located on the outer side of each eye, slightly above the eye and underneath the eyelid. Tears, which are spread evenly over the front surface of the eye during blinking, clean and lubricate the eye. An important component of tears is lysozyme, a chemical that inhibits bacterial growth on the eye's surface. Some of the tears evaporate, but the remainder are drained into the nose through the Tear Duct, keeping the nose moist. Lysozyme from the tears prevents bacterial growth in the nose as well.

Another interesting discovery about the content of tears was made by Dr. William H. Frey II, a biochemist at the St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota. He and his team analyzed two types of tears: the emotional ones (crying when emotionally upset and stressed) and the ones arising from irritants (such as crying from onions). They found that emotional tears contained more of the protein-based hormones, prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, and leucine enkephalin (natural painkiller), all of which are produced by our body when under stress. It seems as if the body is getting rid of these chemicals through tears. That explains why we usually feel better after a good cry. So, there you go. Cry as much as you want - it is probably good for you. But no cheating by inducing crying with onions. Your tear glands know the difference. 

Tear composition varies from tear types. Mainly, tears are composed of water, salts, antibodies and lysozymes (antibacterial enzymes). According to a discovery by Dr. William H. Frey II, a bio-chemist from St. Paul Ramsey medical center in Minnesota, the composition of tears caused by emotion differs from that of tears as a reaction to irritations, such as onion fumes, dust or allergy. Emotional tears are composed of more protein-based hormones, such as prolactin, adrenocorticotropic, and leucine enkephalin (a natural pain killer), which is suggested to be the mechanism behind the experience of crying from emotion making an individual feel better.

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Matagal ng Hinihula ng Propeta ng Panginoon na si Isaias  ang Pagkawasak ng Siria at naganap Ito nuong magsimula ang Arabs Spring nuong January 2011  na humantong sa isang Civil War 

Ito Hula Tungkol sa Siria (Damascus is the Capital city of Syria)

Isaias 17:1-3
Ganito ang pahayag ng Panginoon tungkol sa Damasco:
"Mawawala ang Lunsod ng Damasco,
at magiging isang bunton na lamang ng mga gusaling gumuho.

 Kailanma'y wala ng titira sa mga lunsod ng Siria.
Magiging pastulan na lamang siya
ng mga kawan ng mga tupa at baka at walang mananakot sa kanila.

Mawawasak ang mga tanggulan ng Efraim,
babagsak ang kaharian ng Damasco.
Matutulad sa sinapit ng Israel
ang kapalarang sasapitin ng malalabi sa Siria."
Ito ang sabi ng Panginoon  na Makapangyarihan sa lahat.

Jeremias 49:23-27
 Tungkol sa Damasco, ito naman ang sabi ng Panginoon : "Nagugulo ang Hamat at ang Arpad, sapagkat nakarinig sila ng masamang balita. Hindi sila mapalagay dahil sa pag-aalala, sila'y tila nag-aalimpuyong dagat. Natakot ang Damasco at tumakas; sinaklot siya ng pangamba, gaya ng pagdaramdam ng isang babaing manganganak. Napakalungkot ngayon ng bayang dati'y puspos ng galak at awitan, ang dating masayang bayan. Kaya nga, mabubuwal sa kanyang lansangan ang mga binata, at magiging malamig na bangkay ang lahat ng kanyang mandirigma sa araw na iyon. Tutupukin ko ang pader ng Damasco, maging ang mga palasyo ni Haring Ben-hadad (Assad)."


Some of the 30,000 Iraqi soldiers who retreated as a much smaller force of Sunni militants overran Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul last week told VICE News that they fled after being "abandoned" by their commanders.(Vice News June 15,2014)

The numerous reports of police and soldiers running from their posts in Mosul raised the prospect that the Iraqi government did not either have the will or resources to win this and other fights...."Within Mosul, militants managed to take control of security checkpoints, military bases and a prison, where they freed up to 1,000 prisoners, authorities said. They did so after apparently overrunning Iraqi security forces, whose bodies -- some of them mutilated -- littered the streets, a Reuters journalist on the ground in Mosul reported.

Some police took off their uniforms, dropped their weapons and ran, according to the journalist.(CNN News June 13,2014)

Ang Hula ukol sa Iraq (Babilonia)

Ito naman ang Hula tungkol sa Pagurong ng mga Iraqi forces sa Pakikidigma sa mga Islamic Militant (ISIS) na kung saan ang kanilang kapangyarihan ay nanlupaypay at silay naging parang mga babae  na nagsiurong sa pakikidigma. kaya maraming bahagi ng Iraq ang napa sa ilalim ng ISIS.

Jeremias 51:29-33,56-58
At ang lupain ay manginginig at nasa paghihirap; sapagka't ang mga pasiya ng Panginoon laban sa Babilonia ay nananayo, upang sirain ang lupain ng Babilonia, na nawalan ng mananahan. Ang mga makapangyarihan ng Babilonia ay nagsisiurong sa pakikipaglaban, sila'y nanatili sa kanilang mga katibayan; ang kanilang kapangyarihan ay nanglulupaypay; sila'y naging parang mga babae: ang kaniyang mga tahanang dako ay sinilaban; ang kaniyang mga halang ay nabali. Ang isang utusan ay tatakbo upang sumalubong sa iba, at isang sugo upang sumalubong sa iba, upang ibalita sa hari sa Babilonia, na ang kaniyang bayan ay nasakop sa lahat ng sulok: At ang mga tawiran ay nangasapol, at ang mga tambo ay nangasunog ng apoy, at ang mga lalaking mangdidigma ay nangatakot. Sapagka't ganito ang sabi ng Panginoon ng mga hukbo, ng Dios ng Israel..."Sapagka't ang manglilipol ay dumating doon, sa Babilonia, at ang mga makapangyarihang lalake niyaon ay nangahuli, ang kanilang mga busog ay nagkaputolputol: sapagka't ang Panginoon ay Dios ng mga kagantihan, siya'y tunay na magbabayad. At aking lalanguhin ang kaniyang mga prinsipe at ang kaniyang mga pantas, ang kaniyang mga gobernador at ang kaniyang mga kinatawan, at ang kaniyang mga makapangyarihan; at siya'y matutulog ng walang hanggang pagtulog, at hindi magigising, sabi ng Hari, na ang pangalan ay ang Panginoon ng mga hukbo. Ganito ang sabi ng Panginoon ng mga hukbo, Ang makapal na kuta ng Babilonia ay lubos na magigiba, at ang kaniyang mga mataas na pintuang-bayan ay masusunog ng apoy; at ang mga tao ay magpapagal sa walang kabuluhan, at ang mga bansa sa apoy; at sila'y mangapapagod. 

Natupad ang mga Hula na ito sa ating panahon na matagal ng pinagpauna ng Dios sa kanyang Banal na Salita na nakasulat sa mga pahina ng Biblia .

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Jeremiah 21:14 
I will punish you as your deeds deserve, declares the LORD. I will kindle a fire in your forests that will consume everything around you.'"

A forest fire is an uncontrolled fire occurring in nature. Sometimes, theforest fire is so large that it takes a long time for the fire fighting crews to gain control over the situation. This could result in massive destruction. In Norway, an average of about 1100 forest fires occur each year.


Acts 2:19
I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


New Living Translation Deuteronomy 4:32
"Now search all of history, from the time God created people on the earth until now, and search from one end of the heavens to the other. Has anything as great as this ever been seen or heard before?

New International Version Isaiah 43:9
All the nations gather together and the peoples assemble. Which of their gods foretold this and proclaimed to us the former things? Let them bring in their witnesses to prove they were right, so that others may hear and say, "It is true."


Thursday, September 10, 2015


Psalms 33:10 New American Standard Bible 
The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations and is charged with the maintenance of international peace and security as well as accepting new members to the United Nations and approving any changes to its United Nations Charter. Critics of the council often describe it as an undemocratic international body, and argue it fails its principal task, mainly because of the veto power granted to only five of its members—Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, and the United States. Its powers include the establishment of peacekeeping operations, the establishment of international sanctions, and the authorization of military action through Security Council resolutions; it is the only UN body with the authority to issue binding resolutions to member states. The Security Council held its first session on 17 January 1946.


John 1:13
Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Some Human Embryo Born BY the will of Blood and Will of Man Intelligent This is called the Process of Human Embryo Editing 

The prostate gland lies just beneath the bladder (see diagram). It is normally about the size of a chestnut. The prostate gland makes a specialised fluid which is added to sperm during ejaculation. The seminal vesicles also add fluid to the sperm during ejaculation. 

The mixture of sperm, fluid from the prostate and fluid from the seminal vesicles is called semen. About 60-70% of the volume of semen comes from the seminal vesicles. The urethra (the tube which transports urine and semen) runs through the middle of the prostate.

When sexually aroused, a number of changes occur inside the penis. The arteries supplying the penis expand allowing more blood to enter its tissues. The increase in blood flow causes the penis to enlarge. The extra blood flow plus signals from the nervous system and chemical changes cause an erection. Ejaculation (the contractions that release semen) is a reflex action, which means it is not consciously controlled. As part of the reflex action, the opening that drains the bladder is closed. This means that urine is not released at the same time as semen. The volume of semen in a typical ejaculation is between 2.5-5 millilitres (mL) with more than 20 million sperm per mL.

Human Embryo Editing Is Incredibly Risky, Experts Say

This artist's diagram shows one way that egg cells may be fertilized with sperm cells in a lab.

With the news that Chinese scientists have attempted to modify the genes of human embryos, many scientists have called for a halt to such technology, saying the techniques are too risky to use in human embryos.

In a study published Saturday (April 18) in the journal Protein & Cell, Chinese scientists reported that they had used a genetic engineering technique called CRISPR to cut out a faulty gene and replace it with a healthy one in human embryos. The vast majority of the embryos did not get the needed genetic repairs, however; instead, their genomes were cut in many other unintended locations.

"This paper is a complete confirmation of the issues that were raised about the readiness of the CRISPR platform to be applied in therapeutic genome editing," said Edward Lanphier, president and CEO of Sangamo BioSciences, a company that works on genome editing in adult cells but not embryonic cells. Lanphier, along with other scientists, published a commentary in March in the journal Nature, calling for a moratorium on such research.

Even the authors of the new study think the technology isn't ready for prime time. To use CRISPR in normal embryos would require 100 percent accuracy, but the new study showed the process is not anywhere close to that, study co-author Junjiu Huang, a researcher at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, told Nature News.

"That's why we stopped. We still think it's too immature," Huang said. [How Human Embryo Genome Editing Works]

Embryo editing?

At the heart of the controversy is a genetic cut-and-paste system calledCRISPR/Cas 9, in which a stretch of RNA called CRISPR targets specific spots on the genome, and an enzyme that works with CRISPR called Cas 9 cuts them, leaving an empty space in the genome. When scientists also provide a section of replacement DNA, the cell's repair machinery inserts the new genetic material into the slot left by Cas9. The system is incredibly powerful and works in cells from virtually all animals, studies have shown.

Huang and his colleagues used CRISPR to replace a gene for Beta thalassemia, a blood disorder, with a healthy version of the gene, in 86 human embryos. The embryos were created at fertility clinics for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization but were discarded because twosperm had fertilized them. These types of embryos go through the early stages of development but cannot become full-term babies.

The team injected the embryos with the CRISPR/Cas 9 complex and then waited to see whether the problematic genes were replaced. Of the 86 embryos, 71 grew to eight-celled embryos. The team tested 54 of these for genetic modifications and found that just 28 of the embryos had been cut at the required spot on the genome. Only some of these contained the replacement gene. In addition, the researchers found many "off-target" spots where CRISPR had cut the genome in error. And the team tested only a small portion of the genome for these aberrant snips.

"If they'd done whole genome sequencing, they would have found many, many more off-target effects," Lanphier told Live Science.

Missing the target

There are ethical problems inherent to tinkering with human embryosand genetic engineering in general, but beyond that, the CRISPR technology is simply too risky to use in embryos, Lanphier said.

The problem is that CRISPR relies on a piece of RNA, called guide RNA, that matches the target gene — in the recent study, that would be the gene for Beta thalassemia — and can then find and latch onto that target. But this guide RNA sometimes binds to other spots in the genome as well, leading to off-target cuts. That, in turn, could lead to the introduction of harmful genetic mutations in embryos, Lanphier said. Another risk of CRISPR is that it creates genetically mosaic embryos, meaning that different cells in the body would have different DNA, Lanphier said. That could lead to problems down the road for a person who was born using this technique, he added.

Less risky CRISPR?

However, the current study may not have used the best technology to evaluate the risks inherent to CRISPR, said George Church, a synthetic biologist at Harvard University who was not involved in the study.

"There are improvements in the Cas9 technology that greatly reduce off-target mutations that Liang et al. cited (Mali et al. 2013c) but did not employ," Church wrote in an email to Live Science.

For instance, a 2014 study in the journal Nature Communicationsshowed it is possible to use CRISPR without creating off-target effects, at least in groups of identical cells known as clonal cells, Church said. Follow-up work should confirm the results. It's possible that if scientists can verify that such a line of cells has no mutations, these cells could be used to create sperm cells, Church said.

Either way, it will be tricky to control the use of CRISPR, even with a voluntary moratorium, because it's just so easy to use, Lanphier said.

"It is trivial for any trained laboratory to develop that capability and use it for genome editing," Lanphier told Live Science, referring to the use of CRISPR.

Already, there are rumors that at least a half dozen other labs in China are working on this technique, Lanphier said.

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Psalms 33:7 GOD'S WORD® Translation
He gathers the water in the sea like a dam and puts the oceans in his storehouses.

Evaporation over Oceanswhere nearly 80% of water evaporation occurs

Approximately 80% of all evaporation is from the oceans, with the remaining 20% coming from inland water and vegetation. Winds transport the evaporated water around the globe, influencing the humidity of the air throughout the world. For example, a typical hot and humid summer day in the Midwestern United States is caused by winds blowing tropical oceanic air northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

When he uttereth his voice, there is a multitude of waters in the heavens, and he causeth the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of his treasures.(Jeremiah 10:13)

Image by: Globe

Most evaporated water exists as a gas outside of clouds and evaporation is more intense in the presence of warmer temperatures. This is shown in the image above, where the strongest evaporation was occurring over the oceans and near the equator (indicated by shades of red and yellow).

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Job 22:14
Thick clouds are a covering to him, that he seeth not; and he walketh in the circuit of heaven.

The global atmospheric electrical circuit is the continuous movement of electric current between the ionosphere and the earth's surface. This flow is powered bythunderstorms, which cause a build-up of positive charge in the ionosphere. In fair weather this positive charge slowly flows back to the surface.

Atmospheric electricity has been studied since 1750, when Benjamin Franklin and Thomas-Fran├žois Dalibard began their famous thunderstorm experiments. In 1752, Louis-Guillaume Le Monnier observed electrification in fair weather. Various others performed measurements throughout the late 18th century, often finding consistent diurnal variations. During the 19th century, several long series of observations were made. Measurements near cities were heavily influenced by smoke pollution. In the early 20th century, balloon ascents provided information about the electric field in the upper atmosphere. Important work was done by the research vessel Carnegie, which produced standardised measurements around the world's oceans (where the air is relatively clean).

C.T.R. Wilson was the first to present a theory of a global circuit in 1920.

Thunderstorms generate an electrical potential difference between the earth's surface and the ionosphere, mainly by means of lightning. Because of this, the ionosphere is positively charged relative to the earth. Consequently, there is always a small current transporting charged particles between the ionosphere and the surface. Since air is a goodinsulator, this current is carried by a small number of ions present in the atmosphere (generated mainly by cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere, and by radioactivity near the surface).

The voltages involved are significant. At sea level, the typical potential gradient in fair weather is 120 V/m. Nonetheless, since the conductivity of air is limited, the associated currents are also limited. A typical value is 1800 A over the entire planet.

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Diamal Nhordz

Simple and logical explaination;

luke 22:43
At napakita sa kaniya ang isang anghel na mula sa langit, na nagpalakas sa kaniya

Dto po mga kaibgan si hesus ay nanalangin na ilayo sa knya ang saro ng kamatayan at umiiyak,, so mayat maya ay nagpakita ang anghel sa kanya para palakasin si hesus,,


1 ang talata ay malinaw na ‪#‎hindi_alam_ng_anghel_na_Dios_si_hesus‬,,

KUNG DIOS si hesus, SYMPRE ALAM NG ANGHEL UN, napaka illogical kung sasavhen ntn na ang anghel ay palalakasin nya ang Dios,,samantalang alam nya naman na Dios yn


Ang Sagot:

Natawa ako dito sa Bulok na argumento ng isang muslim na walang utak ginamit nya "Lucas 22:43" para palitawin na hindi Dios ang ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo sabi pa nga ni Nhordz hindi daw alam ng anghel na Dios ang Kristo dahil pinalakas niya ito ,sabi niya pa ika "PAANU NYA PALALAKASIN yon" kung alam niyang Dios.

Ito ang mahirap sa mga tao na kapus ang Unawa at hindi naiintindihan ang lengguahi ng Biblia para pangahasan ang bagay  na hindi nila nauunawaan at alipustahin ang mga bagay na hindi nila nalalaman .

Datapuwa't ang mga ito'y nangalipusta sa anomang bagay na hindi nila nalalaman: at sa mga bagay na talagang kanilang nauunawa, ay nangagpapakasira na gaya ng mga kinapal na walang bait. (Judas 1:10)

Ngayon Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Anghel na palalakasin niya si Kristo,

Ibig ba sabihin nito binigyan niya ng kapangyarihan si Kristo 

Hindi po???

Ang pagpapalakas ng Anghel kay Kristo ay ang Pagpuri at Pagluwalhati nito sa Panginoong Jesu Cristo.

At ang lahat ng mga anghel ay nangakatayo sa palibot ng luklukan, at ng matatanda at ng apat na nilalang na buhay; at sila'y nangagpatirapa sa harapan ng luklukan, at nangagsisamba sa Dios, Na nangagsasabi, Siya nawa: Pagpapala at kaluwalhatian, at karunungan, at pagpapasalamat, at karangalan, at kapangyarihan, at kalakasan, nawa ang sumaaming Dios magpakailan kailan man. Siya nawa.(Apocalipsis 12:11-12)

Ito palang pagpapalakas ng Anghel sa Kristo ay pagdadakila sa kanyang Pagka-Dios 

1 Chronicles 29:11 (BBE) 

Yours, O Lord,is the strength and the power and the glory, and the authority and the honour: for everything in heaven and on earth is yours; yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are lifted up as head over all.

Sa "DIOS" lamang sasamba ka at maglilingkod .(Mateo 4:10) si Kristo  bilang ANAK ng DIos ay sinamba ng mga Anghel.(Hebreo 1:2-3,6) at Pinaglikuran ng mga anghel (Mateo 4:11) at ng mga tao.(Efeso 6:5-7)

Itong pagbibigay ng Kalakasan sa Dios ay isang uri ng pagdadakila na ginagawa ng mga Anghel at Tao ng Dios .kaya mali ang unawa ng ingot na Muslim na ito sa pag pakahulugan niya ng talata sa loob ng Biblia.