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Our Lord Jesus Christ Teach a Scientific Knowledge "accumulating evidence strongly suggests that eating dirt is good for you.

Ask mothers why babies are constantly picking things up from the floor or ground and putting them in their mouths, and chances are they’ll say that it’s instinctive — that that’s how babies explore the world. But why the mouth, when sight, hearing, touch and even scent are far better at identifying things?

When my young sons were exploring the streets of Brooklyn, I couldn’t help but wonder how good crushed rock or dried dog droppings could taste when delicious mashed potatoes were routinely rejected.

Since all instinctive behaviors have an evolutionary advantage or they would not have been retained for millions of years, chances are that this one too has helped us survive as a species. And, indeed, accumulating evidence strongly suggests that eating dirt is good for you.

In studies of what is called the hygiene hypothesis, researchers are concluding that organisms like the millions of bacteria, viruses and especially worms that enter the body along with “dirt” spur the development of a healthy immune system. Several continuing studies suggest that worms may help to redirect an immune system that has gone awry and resulted in autoimmune disorders, allergies and asthma.

These studies, along with epidemiological observations, seem to explain why immune system disorders like multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and allergies have risen significantly in the United States and other developed countries.

Training the Immune System
“What a child is doing when he puts things in his mouth is allowing his immune response to explore his environment,” Mary Ruebush, a microbiology and immunology instructor, wrote in her new book, “Why Dirt Is Good” (Kaplan). “Not only does this allow for ‘practice’ of immune responses, which will be necessary for protection, but it also plays a critical role in teaching the immature immune response what is best ignored.”
One leading researcher, Dr. Joel V. Weinstock, the director of gastroenterology and hepatology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, said in an interview that the immune system at birth “is like an unprogrammed computer. It needs instruction.”

He said that public health measures like cleaning up contaminated water and food have saved the lives of countless children, but they “also eliminated exposure to many organisms that are probably good for us.”
“Children raised in an ultraclean environment,” he added, “are not being exposed to organisms that help them develop appropriate immune regulatory circuits.”

Studies he has conducted with Dr. David Elliott, a gastroenterologist and immunologist at the University of Iowa, indicate that intestinal worms, which have been all but eliminated in developed countries, are “likely to be the biggest player” in regulating the immune system to respond appropriately, Dr. Elliott said in an interview. He added that bacterial and viral infections seem to influence the immune system in the same way, but not as forcefully.

Most worms are harmless, especially in well-nourished people, Dr. Weinstock said.
“There are very few diseases that people get from worms,” he said. “Humans have adapted to the presence of most of them.”

Worms for Health
In studies in mice, Dr. Weinstock and Dr. Elliott have used worms to both prevent and reverse autoimmune disease. Dr. Elliott said that in Argentina, researchers found that patients with multiple sclerosis who were infected with the human whipworm had milder cases and fewer flare-ups of their disease over a period of four and a half years. At the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Dr. John Fleming, a neurologist, is testing whether the pig whipworm can temper the effects of multiple sclerosis.

In Gambia, the eradication of worms in some villages led to children’s having increased skin reactions to allergens, Dr. Elliott said. And pig whipworms, which reside only briefly in the human intestinal tract, have had “good effects” in treating the inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, he said.

How may worms affect the immune system? Dr. Elliott explained that immune regulation is now known to be more complex than scientists thought when the hygiene hypothesis was first introduced by a British epidemiologist, David P. Strachan, in 1989. Dr. Strachan noted an association between large family size and reduced rates of asthma and allergies. Immunologists now recognize a four-point response system of helper T cells: Th 1, Th 2, Th 17 and regulatory T cells. Th 1 inhibits Th 2 and Th 17; Th 2 inhibits Th 1 and Th 17; and regulatory T cells inhibit all three, Dr. Elliott said.

“A lot of inflammatory diseases — multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and asthma — are due to the activity of Th 17,” he explained. “If you infect mice with worms, Th 17 drops dramatically, and the activity of regulatory T cells is augmented.”

In answer to the question, “Are we too clean?” Dr. Elliott said: “Dirtiness comes with a price. But cleanliness comes with a price, too. We’re not proposing a return to the germ-filled environment of the 1850s. But if we properly understand how organisms in the environment protect us, maybe we can give a vaccine or mimic their effects with some innocuous stimulus.”

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Then said he, Unto what is the kingdom of God like? and where unto shall I resemble it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it.(Luke 13:18-19)

Mustard Seed  related alternative medicine supplements and vitamins. Also explore information on treatment, health benefits & side effects with Mustard Seed Tablets products. Many of the sources come from our Encyclopedia of Natural Health and include relevant health topics. Uses vary, but may include , Improving Skin Tone, and Relieving Indigestion and are non-FDA reviewed or approved, natural alternatives, to use for , Heart Disease, and Vitamin Deficiency. 


 But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins, (then saith he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house.(Matthew 9:6)

 I have decked my bed with coverings of tapestry, with carved works, with fine linen of Egypt.(Proverbs 7:16)


The Cyrus the Great Cylinder is the first charter of right of nations in the world. It is a baked-clay cyliner in Akkadian language with cuneiform script. This cylinder was excavated in 1879 by the Assyro-British archaeologist Hormuzd Rassam in the foundations of the Esagila (the Marduk temple of Babylon) and is kept today in the British Museum in London.

Cyrus King of Persia is Already mention in the Bible as a King of Persia on 1879 a group Assyro British Archaelogist found a Baked -clay cylinder Akkadian language with coneiform script .that mention about Cyrus the King of Persia ,a Biblical history supported by the Archeology Thousand year before the discovery of Cylinder Clay the evidence HOW THE BIBLE IS ACCURATE and AUTHENTIC

On October 12 (Julian calendar; October 7 by the Gregorian calendar) 539 BC, Achaemanid army without any conflict entered the city of Babylon. Cyrus the Great himself, on October 29, entered the city, assuming the titles of "king of Babylon, king of Sumer and Akkad, king of the four corners of the world". Cyrus The Great, on this cylinder, describes how he conquers the old city of Babylon and how his mighty army in peace marched into the city; his claim that he entered the city peacefully supports the same statement in the Chronicle of Nabonidus. The last king of Babylon, Nabonidus, is considered a tyrant with odd religious ideas, which causes Marduk, patron deity of the city of Babylon to intervene. Cyrus considers himself chosen by a supreme god, is confirmed by Second Isaiah, the chapters 40-55 of the Biblical book of Isaiah. The Cyrus Cylinder then was placed under the walls of "Esagila" as a foundation deposit, following a Mesopotamian tradition.

Cyrus The Great Cylinder, in the British Museum, London
There were three main premises in the decrees of the Cyrus Cylinder: the political formulization of racial, linguistic, and religious equality, slaves and all deported peoples were to be allowed to return to home; and all destroyed temples were to be restored.[1]

In 1971, the Cyrus Cylinder was described as the world’s first charter of human rights,[1, 2, 3, 4] and it was translated into all six official U.N. languages.[4] A replica of the cylinder is kept at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in the second floor hallway, between the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council chambers.[5]

Passages in the text of cylinder have been interpreted as expressing Cyrus’ respect for humanity, and as promoting a form of religious tolerance and freedom; and as result of his generous and humane policies, Cyrus gained the overwhelming support of his subjects.[6]

The Cyrus Cylinder is not the only reason that the Cyrus legacy is admired. According to Professor Richard Frye[7]:
"In short, the figure of Cyrus has survived throughout history as more than a great man who founded an empire. He became the epitome of the great qualities expected of a ruler in antiquity, and he assumed heroic features as a conqueror who was tolerant and magnanimous as well as brave and daring. His personality as seen by the Greeks influenced them and Alexander the Great, and, as the tradition was transmitted by the Romans, may be considered to influence our thinking even now."
The size of Cyrus Cylinder is 23 cm long, 11 cm wide with 40+ lines of writing (although broken) and it is dated 539 BCE.

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The Wise Men use The Celestial Body a Star To find the promise  Messiah

Celestial Navigation is the art and science of finding your way by the sun, moon, stars, and planets, and, in one form or another, is one of the oldest practices in human history.

This webpage is an attempt to bring together all of the best Celestial Navigation resources on the internet, with pointers to other resources as well. Find out why we should study Celestial navigation in the age of GPS; get an introduction to Celestial Navigation’s history, then take a look at the navigational astronomy page as a background for the theory and practice; teachers, discover how celestial navigation can enliven the classroom, whether your field is earth science, astronomy, math, history, or literature, with special links about Vikings; learn about navigational instruments, including sextants, astrolabes, nocturnals, and planispheres; learn about nonwestern, noninstrument Polynesian starpaths and Wayfinding; read quotations about navigation; check out some schools; or just go directly to the list of resources which lists the sources from the other pages. Other links of interest are here.

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Exodus 32:15 "A Tablets Where God's Word was Written

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And Moses turned, and went down from the mount, and the two tablets of the testimony were in his hand: the tablets were written on both their sides; on the one side and on the other were they written.

Job 8:14 "The Web that connect Heavenly Wisdom

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Whose hope shall be cut off, and whose trust shall be a spider's web. 

1 Samuel 6:4 "The mouse that Guide you to the right path

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Then said they, What shall be the trespass offering which we shall return to him? They answered, Five golden emerods, and five golden mouse, according to the number of the lords of the Philistines: for one plague was on you all, and on your lords.

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Isaias 43:1-10 Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 ba ang katuparan.

Isa ito mga hula sa Banal na Kasulatan na ginagawang batayan ng Mga Kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 ayon sa kanila natupad daw ito sa paglitaw ng Iglesia ni Cristo sa Pilipinas.

Tumama ba sa HULA ang pag-aangkin na ito ng INC 1914 na sila ang katuparan ng mga anak na lalake na mula sa malayo at mga anak na babae na mula sa wakas ng lupa na dadalhin ng Panginoon mula sa silangan at pipisanin mula sa Kanluran.

Sisimulan natin ang pagsusuri sa mga talatang ito kung natupad nga ba ito sa kanila!!!!

Nguni't ngayo'y ganito ang sabi ng Panginoon na lumalang sa iyo, Oh Jacob, at naganyo sa iyo, Oh Israel, Ikaw ay huwag matakot, sapagka't tinubos kita; tinawag kita sa iyong pangalan, ikaw ay akin. 

Ans.Pansinin ang tinutukoy sa Isaias 43:1 na dadalhin ng Panginoon mula sa silanganan at pipisanin sa kanluran ay ang "JACOB" o ang "Israel "dito pala pinakilala na kung sino mga anak na lalake at mga anak na babae ng Dios na kanyang pipisanin ito ay tumutukoy sa LAHING ISRAEL at hindi sa INC 1914 na pinangaral ni Felix Y Manalo. 

Pagka ikaw ay dumaraan sa tubig, ako'y sasaiyo; at sa mga ilog ay hindi ka tatakpan niyaon: pagka ikaw ay lumalakad sa apoy, hindi ka masusunog; o magniningas man ang alab sa iyo. Sapagka't ako ang Panginoon mong Dios, ang Banal ng Israel, ang Tagapagligtas sa iyo; aking ibinigay na pinakatubos sa iyo ang Egipto, ang Etiopia at ang Seba. 

Ans.Pansinin natin na itong Bayan ng Dios na kanyang pipisanin ay ibinigay niyang pantubos ay ang Egipto , Etiopia at ang Seba natupad ba ito sa INC 1914 Hindi naman WALA NGANG MEMBER ANG CULTO NI MANALO sa EGYPT , at Hindi rin kilala ang CULTO ni MANALO sa ETIOPIA at MGA SEBA

Ang Hula ito ay Tumutukoy ito sa ISrael na nangalat sa Egypt at Etiopia at bahagi ng mga Seba na kung saan tinubos sila ruon ng Dios para pisanin sa pangangalat.

Ang Israel sa Egipto

Egyptian Jews constitute both one of the oldest and youngest Jewish communities in the world. While no exact census exists, the Jewish population of Egypt was estimated at fewer than one hundred in 2004,down from between 75,000 and 80,000 in 1922.The historic core of the indigenous community consisted mainly of Arabic-speaking Rabbanites and Karaites. After their expulsion from Spain, more Sephardi and Karaite Jews began to emigrate to Egypt, and their numbers increased significantly with the growth of trading prospects after the opening of the Suez Canal, therefore Jews coming from all over the territories of the Ottoman Empire as well Italy and Greece started to settle in the main cities of Egypt to eventually constitute a majority and commercial and cultural elite of the modern community. The Ashkenazi community, mainly confined to Cairo's Darb al-Barabira quarter, began to arrive in the aftermath of the waves of pogroms that hit Europe in the latter part of the 19th century.

Ang Israel sa Etiopia 

The Ethiopian Jews in Israel (Hebrew: יהודי אתיופיה בישראל) or the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel (Hebrew: קהילת יהודי אתיופיה בישראל or העדה האתיופית בישראל) refers to the immigrants and descendants of the immigrants of the Beta Israel communities of Ethiopia, who nowadays reside in Israel.

Most of Beta Israel community emigrated from Ethiopia to Israel during two massive waves of immigration mounted by the Israeli government—"Operation Brothers" (1979-1990) and during "Operation Solomon" (1991).

Yamang ikaw ay naging mahalaga sa aking paningin, at kagalanggalang, at aking inibig ka; kaya't magbibigay ako ng mga tao na pinakatubos sa iyo, at ng mga bayan na pinakatubos sa iyong buhay.Huwag kang matakot, sapagka't ako'y sumasaiyo: aking dadalhin ang iyong lahi mula sa silanganan, at pipisanin kita mula sa kalunuran; 

Ayon sa INC 1914 ang SILANGAN daw ay ang PILIPINAS at ang KANLURAN DAW ay ang AMERICA natupad daw ito nung IPANGARAL ni MANALO ang INC sa pilipinas nuong 1914 at natupad daw ang pagpisan sa kanluran nung MAITAYO ang LOCAL nila sa HAWAII nuong 1973

Ang PILIPINAS ay NASA SILANGAN hindi ang PILIPINAS ang SILANGAN hindi natupad sa INC1914 natupad ito sa Bansang ISRAEL ng ang ISRAEL ay bumalik mula sa Pangangalat "Diaspora"

The Jewish diaspora (or simply the Diaspora; Hebrew Galut גלות; Yiddish Golus) was the historical exile of Jews from the region of the Kingdom of Judah and Roman Judaea, as well as the later emigration from wider Eretz Israel.

The diaspora began with the 6th century BCE conquest of the ancient Kingdom of Judah by Babylon, the destruction of the First Temple (c. 586 BCE), and the expulsion of the population, as recorded in the Bible. The Babylonian ruler, Nebuchadnezzar, allowed the Jews to remain in a unified community in Babylon. Another group of Jews fled to Egypt, where they settled in the Nile delta. From 597 BCE onwards, there were three distinct groups of Hebrews: a group in Babylon and other parts of the Middle East, a group in Judaea, and another group in Egypt. While Cyrus the Persian allowed the Jews to return to their homeland in 538 BCE, most chose to remain in Babylon, becoming what is now known as the Mizrahi Jewish ethnic division. A large number of Jews in Egypt became mercenaries in Upper Egypt on an island called the Elephantine. Most of these Jews retained their religion, identity, and social customs; both under the Persians and the Greeks, they were allowed to conduct their lives according to their own laws.

In 63 BCE, Judaea became a protectorate of Rome, and in 6 CE was elevated to a Roman province. The Jews began to revolt against the Roman Empire in 66 CE during the period known as the First Jewish–Roman War which culminated in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. During the siege, the Romans destroyed the Second Temple and most of Jerusalem.In 132, the Jews rebelled against Hadrian. In 135, Hadrian’s army defeated the Jewish armies and Jewish independence was lost. Jerusalem was turned into a pagan city called Aelia Capitolina and the Jews were forbidden to live there, and Hadrian changed the country’s name from Judea to Syria Palestina.

During the Middle Ages, the Jews had divided into distinct regional groups which today are generally addressed according to three primary geographical groupings: the Ashkenazi Jews who immigrated to Central and later Eastern Europe, the Sephardi Jews who settled in Iberia and later North Africa, and the Mizrahi Jews who remained in the Babylon after the destruction of the First Temple. Ashkenazi populations grew rapidly from the 16th to the 19th centuries, with the largest diaspora populations in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian Empire. Millions of Jews migrated to the Americas in the 20th century. In the early 21st century the largest diaspora populations were in the United States (~ 5.75 million), France (~ 475,000), Canada (~ 375,000), the United Kingdom (~300,000), Russia (~ 200,000), Argentina (~200,000) and Germany (~120,000).

At mangyayari, sa araw na yaon, na ilalapag ng Panginoon uli ang kaniyang kamay na ikalawa upang mabawi ang nalabi sa kaniyang bayan na malalabi, mula sa Asiria, at mula sa Egipto, at mula sa Patros, at mula sa Cus, at mula sa Elam, at mula sa Sinar, at mula sa Amath, at mula sa mga pulo ng dagat.At siya'y maglalagay ng pinakawatawat sa mga bansa, at titipunin niya ang mga tapon ng Israel, at pipisanin ang mga nangalat ng Juda mula sa apat na sulok ng lupa.(Isaias 11:11-12) 

Aking sasabihin sa hilagaan, Bayaan mo, at sa timugan, Huwag mong pigilin; dalhin mo rito ang aking mga anak na lalake na mula sa malayo, at ang aking mga anak na babae na mula sa wakas ng lupa; 


At ang WAKAS ng LUPA daw ay 1914 ano ba namang KATANGAHAN ito (SAANG ENCYCLOPIADIA na ginawa ng mga BIBLE SCHOOLAR na ang MEANING NG "WAKAS NG LUPA AY 1914 !!!!! MAYROON BA NUON 

Bawa't tinatawag sa aking pangalan, at yaong aking nilikha ay sa aking kaluwalhatian, yaong aking inanyuan oo, yaong aking ginawa. 

Since the Diaspora, some Jews have aspired to return to "Zion" and the "Land of Israel",though the amount of effort that should be spent towards such an aim was a matter of dispute. The hopes and yearnings of Jews living in exile were articulated in the Hebrew Bible,and are an important theme of the Jewish belief system.After the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, some communities settled in Palestine.During the 16th century, Jewish communities struck roots in the Four Holy Cities—Jerusalem, Tiberias, Hebron, and Safed—and in 1697, Rabbi Yehuda Hachasid led a group of 1,500 Jews to Jerusalem.In the second half of the 18th century, Eastern European opponents of Hasidism, known as the Perushim, settled in Palestine.

The first wave of modern Jewish migration to Ottoman-ruled Palestine, known as the First Aliyah, began in 1881, as Jews fled pogroms in Eastern Europe.Although the Zionist movement already existed in practice, Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl is credited with founding political Zionism, a movement which sought to establish a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, by elevating the Jewish Question to the international plane. In 1896, Herzl published Der Judenstaat (The State of the Jews), offering his vision of a future Jewish state; the following year he presided over the first World Zionist Congress.

The Second Aliyah (1904–14), began after the Kishinev pogrom; some 40,000 Jews settled in Palestine, although nearly half of them left at a later point in time.Both the first and second waves of migrants were mainly Orthodox Jews, although the Second Aliyah included socialist groups who established the kibbutz movement. During World War I, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour sent a letter that stated:

His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

The Jewish Legion, a group primarily of Zionist volunteers, assisted in the British conquest of Palestine in 1917. Arab opposition to British rule and Jewish immigration led to the 1920 Palestine riots and the formation of a Jewish militia known as the Haganah (meaning "The Defense" in Hebrew), from which the Irgun and Lehi, or Stern Gang, paramilitary groups later split off.In 1922, the League of Nations granted Britain a mandate over Palestine under terms similar to the Balfour Declaration.The population of the area at this time was predominantly Arab and Muslim, with Jews accounting for about 11% of the population.

The Third (1919–1923) and Fourth Aliyahs (1924–1929) brought an additional 100,000 Jews to Palestine.Finally, the rise of Nazism and the increasing persecution of Jews in the 1930s led to the Fifth Aliyah, with an influx of a quarter of a million Jews. This was a major cause of the Arab revolt of 1936–1939 and led the British to introduce restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine with the White Paper of 1939. With countries around the world turning away Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust, a clandestine movement known as Aliyah Bet was organized to bring Jews to Palestine.By the end of World War II, the Jewish population of Palestine had increased to 33% of the total population.

Iyong ilabas ang bulag na bayan na may mga mata, at ang bingi may mga tainga. 

Mapisan ang lahat na bansa, at magpulong ang mga bayan: sino sa gitna nila ang makapagpapahayag nito, at makapagpapakita sa amin ng mga dating bagay? dalhin nila ang kanilang mga saksi, upang sila'y mapatotohanan: o dinggin nila, at magsabi, Katotohanan nga. 

Ans. Pansinin natin LAHAT NA BANSA mapisan at MAGPULONG ang mga BAYAN nung ITAYO ba ang CULTO NI MANALO nagpisan ba ang MGA BANSA at NAGPULONG ang mga BAYAN,,,,WALA NAMAN !!!!


On 29 November 1947, the United Nations General Assembly recommended the adoption and implementation of the United Nations partition plan of Mandatory Palestine. On 14 May 1948 David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization and president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared "the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel," a state independent upon the termination of the British Mandate for Palestine, 15 May 1948.

Kayo'y aking mga saksi, sabi ng Panginoon, at aking lingkod na aking pinili: upang inyong maalaman at magsisampalataya kayo sa akin, at inyong matalastas na ako nga; walang Dios na inanyuan na una sa akin, o magkakaroon man pagkatapos ko.

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Kung Dios ang Cristo Bakit siya tinuli? May Dios Bang Tinuli!!!!

Ito ang isa mga ginagamit ng mga INC 1914 na argumento para patunayan nila na hindi Dios ang ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo na ayon sa kanila hindi DAW maari maging Dios si Cristo sapagkat hindi maaring tuliin ang Dios.

Dahil si Cristo ay tinuli hindi daw Dios si Cristo ito ang kanilang makitid na unawa sabagay kung ating susundin ang kanilang argumento wala namang may naka sulat na pag tinuli ang Dios ay hindi na Dios ito ay wala sa Banal na kasulatan .

Ang ginamit ng mga INC 1914 ay ang nakatala sa aklat ng evangelistang si Lucas na pagtuli sa ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo sa ikawalong araw ayon sa LUCAS 2:21

Sa tuwing binabasa nila ito "ITATANONG nila agad sayo "MAY DIOS BANG TINULI!!!! sa kanila dahil tinuli si cristo ay HINDI DIOS ganon sila umunawa ng talata .

Ngayon pag-aaralan natin bakit ang Panginoong Jesu Cristo ay Tinuli ?Kabawasan ba sa pagka Dios ni Cristo ang pagtuli sa kanya !!!Ano ang ibig ituro ng pagtuli sa ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo sa isang taong sumasampalataya.

Ito ngayon ang ating pag-aaralan.Una nating Tanong Bakit tinuli ang ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo ano ang dahilan?

Basahin natin ang patotoo ng Banal na kasulatan sa Isaias 9:6

" Sapagka't sa atin ay ipinanganak ang isang bata, sa atin ay ibinigay ang isang anak na lalake; at ang pamamahala ay maaatang sa kaniyang balikat: at ang kaniyang pangalan ay tatawaging Kamanghamangha, Tagapayo, Makapangyarihang Dios, Walang hanggang Ama, Pangulo ng Kapayapaan."

Ayon sa Hula ng Propetang si Isaias mayroong batang ipapanganak , isang ANAK na LALAKE at ang pamamahala ay maaatang sa kaniyang balikat at ang kaniyang pangalan ay tatawaging kamanghamangha ,Tagapayo, MAKAPANGYARIHANG DIOS ,at Walang hanggang Ama, at Pangulo ng kapayapaan.kaya sa hula palang ng Propetang si Isaias hinula niya na may Dios na magkakatawang tao sa anyo ng ANAK NA LALAKE na ang pamamahala ay maaatang sa kaniyang balikat na ang kaniyang pangalan tatawaging MAKAPANGYARIHANG DIOS

Bakit tatawaging Makapangyarihang Dios ang ANAK na LALAKE na batang ipapanganak ayon sa hula.

At siya'y manganganak ng isang lalake; at ang pangalang itatawag mo sa kaniya'y JESUS; sapagka't ililigtas niya ang kaniyang bayan sa kanilang mga kasalanan. At nangyari nga ang lahat ng ito, upang maganap ang sinalita ng Panginoon sa pamamagitan ng propeta, na nagsasabi, Narito, ang dalaga'y magdadalang-tao at manganganak ng isang lalake, At ang pangalang itatawag nila sa kaniya ay Emmanuel; na kung liliwanagin, ay sumasa atin ang Dios.(Mateo 1:21-23) 

Kaya pala tatawaging MAKAPANGYARIHANG DIOS ang batang ipapanganak sapagkat siya ay ang IMMANUEL na kung liliwanagin ay sumasa atin ang DIOS na siyang magliligtas ng kaniyang bayan sa kanilang mga Kasalanan.

Kaya nuon pa man ay pinanukala ng Dios ang pagkakatawang tao niya.(Juan 1:1-3,14) na ayon sa hula ay ipaglilihi siya ng isang dalaga at ang dalagang ito ay manganganak ng isang LALAKE.

Kaya nuon pa man pinanukala na ang magiging kasarian ng Anak ng Dios sa kanyang pagkakatawang tao ay isang LALAKE kaya isinugo ng Dios Ama ang kanyang Anak sa sanlibutan.(Jn.3:16)

Datapuwa't nang dumating ang kapanahunan, ay sinugo ng Dios ang kaniyang Anak, na ipinanganak ng isang babae, na ipinanganak sa ilalim ng kautusan, Upang matubos niya ang nangasa ilalim ng kautusan, upang matanggap natin ang pagkukupkop sa mga anak. At sapagka't kayo'y mga anak, ay sinugo ng Dios ang Espiritu ng kaniyang Anak sa ating mga puso, na sumisigaw, Abba, Ama.(Gal.4:4-6) 

Itong Anak ng Dios na isinugo ng Dios Ama sa sanlibutan ay ipinanganak ng isang babae na ipinanganak sa ilalim ng kautusan, upang matubos niya ang nangasa ilalim ng kautusan at matanggap nila ang pagkukupkop sa mga anak.kaya nung si Cristo ay isinugo at nagkatawang Tao siya ay ipinanganak sa ilalim ng kautusan upang ganapin ang kautusan.(Mat.5:17)

Kaya't pagpasok niya sa sanglibutan, ay sinasabi, Hain at handog ay hindi mo ibig. Nguni't isang katawan ang sa akin ay inihanda mo; Sa mga handog na susunugin at mga haing patungkol sa mga kasalanan ay hindi ka nalugod. Nang magkagayo'y sinabi ko, Narito, ako'y pumarito (sa balumbon ng aklat ay nasusulat tungkol sa akin.) Upang gawin, Oh Dios, ang iyong kalooban.(Heb.10:5-7) 

Kaya ng pumasok si Cristo sa sanlibutan nung siya ay magkatawang tao.(Jn.1:1,14)ay ipinaghanda siya ng isang katawan na pumaparito sa balumbon ng aklat ay nasusulat tungkol sa kaniya upang gawin ang kalooban ng Amang Dios na nagsugo sa kanya at siya ay ipinanganak ayon sa Laman. na ipinanganak ng babae sa ilalim ng kautusan.

Ngayon Dahil ANAK NA LALAKE ang pinili ng ANAK ng Dios na maging kasarian nung siya ay magkatawang TAO.

Natural lang na "TUTULIIN siya !!!!sapagkat ipinananak siya ng isang babae sa ILALIM ng KAUTUSAN

At ayon sa KAUTUSAN ang bawat lalakeng ipapanganak ay TUTULIIN sa ikawalong araw ng kanyang pagka panganak at ito ay tanda ng tipan ng Dios sa mga binhi ni Abraham na kung saan tutuliin ang laman ng balat na masama.

At sinabi pa ng Dios kay Abraham, At tungkol sa iyo, iingatan mo ang aking tipan, iingatan mo at ng iyong binhi pagkamatay mo, sa buong kalahian nila. Ito ang aking tipan na inyong iingatan sa akin at sa inyo, at ng iyong binhi, pagkamatay mo; tutuliin ang bawa't lalake sa inyo. At kayo'y tutuliin sa laman ng inyong balat ng masama; at ito ang magiging tanda ng aking tipan sa inyo. At ang may walong araw ay tutuliin sa inyo, ang bawa't lalake sa buong kalahian ninyo; ang ipinanganak sa bahay, o ang binili ng salapi sa sinomang taga ibang lupa na hindi sa iyong lahi. Ang ipinanganak sa bahay at ang binili ng iyong salapi, ay dapat tuliin: at ang aking tipan ay sasa iyong laman na pinakatipang walang hanggan. At ang lalaking hindi tuli, na hindi tinuli ang laman ng kaniyang balat ng masama, ang taong yaon ay mahihiwalay sa kaniyang bayan; sinira niya ang aking tipan.(Gen.17:9-14) 

Dahil dito bilang ipinanganak sa ilalim ng kautusan ay tinuli rin si Cristo ayon sa Laman, na ipinanganak sa binhi ni David ayon sa laman.

Na kaniyang ipinangako nang una sa pamamagitan ng kaniyang mga propeta sa mga banal na kasulatan,Tungkol sa kaniyang Anak, na ipinanganak sa binhi ni David ayon sa laman.(Rom.1:2-3) 

Kaya ang pinili ng Anak ng Dios na KATAWAN (LAMAN NA KATAWAN) nung ito ay magkatawang tao.(Jn.1:1,14) ay isang KATAWANG JUDIO na mula sa binhi ni David ayon sa laman.

Dahil ayon sa laman ay nag mula siya sa BINHI NI DAVID inaatas ng kautusan na marapat siya ay TULIIN sapagkat ang bawat lalake sa binhi ni David ay tinutuli sa pagsapit ng ikawalong araw alinsunod sa kautusan at tipan ng Dios sa mga anak ni Abraham.

Kaya si Cristo ay Tinuli sa laman alinsunod sa kautusan na kanyang gaganapin sapagkat ito ang kalooban ng Dios Ama sa kanya na kanyang gaganapin.

Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me.
I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.(Psalms 40:7-8)

Ngayon isa pang Dahilan kung bakit Tinuli si Cristo sa laman sapagkat siya ay nakitulad sa mga Tao at ang pagtutuli ay isa kaugalian ng tao na kung saan siya ay nakitulad.

Mangagkaroon kayo sa inyo ng pagiisip, na ito'y na kay Cristo Jesus din naman: Na siya, bagama't nasa anyong Dios, ay hindi niya inaring isang bagay na nararapat panangnan ang pagkapantay niya sa Dios, Kundi bagkus hinubad niya ito, at naganyong alipin, na nakitulad sa mga tao.(Fil.2:5-7) 

At sa pamamagitan ng pagtulad ni Cristo sa mga Tao ay nagpakita siya ng mabuting halimbawa (Example) sa mga tao ukol sa pagsunod o pagganap sa Kalooban ng Dios

Kung saan Bagamat Anak ng Dios ay naging Masunurin siya sa kayang Ama.

" At palibhasa'y nasumpungan sa anyong tao, siya'y nagpakababa sa kaniyang sarili, na nagmasunurin..."(Fil.2:8)

Nagpakita si Cristo ng Halimbawa na maging Dios na tapat ay tapat sa kanyang salita.(Rom.3:4)na siyang nagsalita siya rin ay tapat na sumusunod sa kanyang salita sapagkat siyay hindi Dios na magsisinungaling sinabi ba niya at HINDI niya GAGAWIN ,O sinalita ba NIYA at HINDI NIYA ISASAGAWA. ibig sabihin lang nito siya DIOS na marunong tumupad sa kanyang salita.

Na kung saan pag siya ay nagsasalita siya rin ay HUWARAN na sumusunod sa kanyang salita!!!!

" Ang Dios ay hindi tao na magsisinungaling, Ni anak ng tao na magsisisi; Sinabi ba niya, at hindi niya gagawin? O sinalita ba niya, at hindi niya isasagawa?(Bilang 23:19) 

Halimbawa ang Dios ay nag utos na HUWAG MAGSINUNGALING.(Lev.19:11) Ang Dios MISMO HINDI NAGSISINUNGALING.(Titos 1:2)

Ito ay isa sa Katangian ng TUNAY na DIOS na HUWARAN sa kanyang salita ating pansinin na itong DIos na HUWARAN sa Kanyang salita ay siya ring DIOS na nag utos na TULIIN ANG BAWAT LALAKE sa binhi ni Abraham.(Gen.17:9-14) ngayon PINAKITA NI CRISTO ANG HUWARAN NG PAGSUNOD ng siya ay MAGKA-TAWANG TAO na kung saan SIYA Man BAGAMAT TUNAY NA DIOS ANAK NG DIOS (1 Juan 5:20) ay NAGPAKITA NG HUWARAN NG PAGSUNOD sa KALOOBAN NG AMANG NAGSUGO SA KANYA.(Jn.4:34) 


“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves.(Matthew 23:15)
  • 1. Fray Botod
  • 2. • Fray Botod introduces the stereotypical Spanish friar who uses religion as a tool for oppressing others.• It is told through a dialog between a Filipino and his liberal Spanish friend.
  • 3. Fray Botod• is not his proper name nor his real name.• prefers to be called “Botod”, which means big-bellied, rather than his given name, Ano.• is from Aragon, son of unknown parents.• was raised by a muleteer.
  • 4. • Entered the convent of the Augustinian Fathers.• Sent to the Philippines at the age of 21.
  • 5. His wholefigure was afaithful copy ofSancho Panza.
  • 6. • He was said to be more gluttonous than Heliogabalus.• He was described as a well-fed pig who eats, drinks, sleeps and think of nothing else but to satisfy his carnal appetite in their various manifestations.
  • 7. • The canding-canding, she-kids and “students” of the friar, are compared to the Oriental dancers in India.
  • 8. How the Father performs his duties asparish priestHow Fr. Botod entertains and celebrates thefeast of the towns patron saintHow he does businessHow a friar punishes 
by: Graciano Lopez Jaena

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The Invention of planes:
Aeroplane or airplane, a fixed-wing aircraft

Job 30:22
"You lift me up to the wind and cause me to ride;

Job 9:26
They are passed away as the swift ships: as the eagle that hasteth to the prey.

A fixed wing aircraft is an aircraft capable of flight using wings that generate lift caused by the vehicle's forward airspeed and the shape of the wings. Fixed-wing aircraft are distinct from rotary-wing aircraft in which the wings form a rotor mounted on a spinning shaft and ornithopters in which the wings flap in similar manner to a bird.

The wings of a fixed-wing aircraft are not necessarily rigid; kites, hang-gliders and aeroplanes using wing-warping or variable geometry are all regarded as fixed-wing aircraft.

A powered fixed-wing aircraft that gains forward thrust from an engine is typically called an aeroplane, airplane, or simply a plane. Aeroplanes include powered paragliders, powered hang gliders and some ground effect vehicles.

Unpowered fixed-wing aircraft, including free-flying gliders of various kinds and tethered kites, can use moving air to gain height.

Most fixed-wing aircraft are flown by a pilot on board the aircraft, but some are designed to be remotely or computer-controlled.

Psalm 18:10
"....soaring on the wings of the wind.

Psalm 138:9
If I take my wings early in the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea:

But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:[Matthew 24:20]

flight1 [flahyt] Show IPA
the act, manner, or power of flying.
the distance covered or the course taken by a flying object: a 500-mile flight; the flight of the ball.
a trip by an airplane, glider, etc.
a scheduled trip on an airline: a 5 o'clock flight.
a number of beings or things flying or passing through the air together: a flight of geese.

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Haryana woman, 70, becomes world's oldest mom

Science Proven that by the help of vitro fertilization (IVF) it possible to to a menopause woman to bear a child  a biblical testimony of God's Word that ninety years old Sarah bear a child.

HISAR: In 1954, Bala Ram, a resident of Alewa village in Jind district of Haryana, brought home a bride. After 10 years of a childless marriage, Ram married his wife's younger sister in the hope of having kids. However, the joys of parenthood continued to elude this village land-owner. But now, 55 years after they got married, Ram's first wife has delivered a child.

Rajo Devi, 70, became perhaps the world's oldest mother when she delivered a girl child on November 28, 2008 with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment at a Hisar fertility centre. Rajo had entered menopause 20 years ago.

Dr Anurag Bishnoi of Hisar's National Fertility Centre, who helped the couple realize their dream, told TOI that both the mother and child were in good health.

"Adriana Iliescu, a retired university lecturer in Romania, was till date the oldest woman to have given birth. She delivered at the age of 66 in 2006. Maria Del, a Spanish woman, gave birth by the IVF treatment at the age of 67. And now, Rajo Devi has become the oldest woman to have given birth and the first woman in her seventies to do so," claimed Dr Bishnoi.

"Another woman of her age is reported to have delivered a child at Muzzafarnagar, but she was previously fertile," he added.

The septuagenarian parents are over the moon. Said Rajo Devi, "We longed for a child all these years and now we are very happy to have one in the twilight years of our life.
Ram wasn't worrying over who will look after the child. "The upbringing of the child is not a problem. We have a joint family as is common in rural Haryana," said the 72-year-old father. The couple said they were facing social stigma for being childless for the last 55 years.

"We used the usual intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) technique in her case. The ICSI method enables even poor quality sperms being used creating embryos," said Dr Bishnoi.
He said his parents and wife, all doctors, performed the procedure together. "The major concern for us was that in case the woman conceived twins, she may not be able to carry them through the full term of pregnancy. In that case, all over efforts would have failed and the woman's life would have been in danger," Bishnoi said.

To avoid multiple pregnancies, the doctors used blastocyst culture, where a single potential embryo is transferred to the uterus instead of the normal two to three embryos. "This embryo is transferred after five days in this technique, while in normal cases it is done in two-three days," he added.

"Rajo is the eldest of four siblings. She is elder to me by about 16 years. We all prayed she would get a child and even married our other sister to Bala Ram in this hope. Now the whole family is very happy that she has a child," said Chand Ram, Rajo Devi's brother who is a sub inspector in Haryana Police at Panchkula.

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Ngayon tatalakay na naman tayo ng isang paksa na malimit pinagkakamalian ng mga Kaanib sa Culto ni Manolo (INC 1914)ito ang katanungan ukol sa paksa na "Kung Dios ang ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo bakit siya Tinukso ng Diablo sa ilang ayon sa talata Mateo 10

Ayon sa kanila ang pagtukso daw ng diablo kay Cristo ay kahayagan hindi daw sia ang Dios? kasi ayon sa kanila ang Dios daw ay hindi natutukso?

Basahin natin ang talata na kanilang ginagawang batayan kung TAMA ang kanilang pagka unawa sa talatang nabanggit.

"Nang magkagayo'y inihatid ng Espiritu Santo si Jesus sa ilang upang siya'y tuksuhin ng diablo. At nang siya'y makapagayunong apat na pung araw at apat na pung gabi, sa wakas ay nagutom siya. At ang manunukso ay dumating at nagsabi sa kaniya, Kung ikaw ang Anak ng Dios, ay ipagutos mo na ang mga batong ito ay maging mga tinapay. Datapuwa't siya'y sumagot, at sinabi, Nasusulat, Hindi sa tinapay lamang mabubuhay ang tao, kundi sa bawa't salitang lumalabas sa bibig ng Dios. Nang magkagayo'y dinala siya ng diablo sa bayang banal; at inilagay siya sa taluktok ng templo,At sa kaniya'y sinabi, Kung ikaw ang Anak ng Dios, ay magpatihulog ka: sapagka't nasusulat, Siya'y magbibilin sa kaniyang mga anghel tungkol sa iyo: at, Aalalayan ka ng kanilang mga kamay, Baka matisod ka ng iyong paa sa isang bato.Sinabi sa kaniya ni Jesus, Nasusulat din naman, Huwag mong tutuksuhin ang Panginoon mong Dios. Muling dinala siya ng diablo sa isang bundok na lubhang mataas, at ipinamalas sa kaniya ang lahat ng mga kaharian sa sanglibutan, at ang kaluwalhatian nila; At sinabi niya sa kaniya, Lahat ng mga bagay na ito ay ibibigay ko sa iyo, kung ikaw ay magpapatirapa at sasambahin mo ako.Nang magkagayo'y sinabi sa kaniya ni Jesus, Humayo ka, Satanas: sapagka't nasusulat, Sa Panginoon mong Dios sasamba ka, at siya lamang ang iyong paglilingkuran.Nang magkagayo'y iniwan siya ng diablo; at narito, nagsidating ang mga anghel at siya'y pinaglingkuran.(Mat.10:1-11)

Ayon sa pagkaunawa ng mga INC 1914 kung Dios si Cristo bakit daw sia Tinukso ng Diablo? sa kanilang pagkaunawa pag Dios hindi daw pwede Tuksuhin ?kaya sa kanila Tao ang kalagayan ni Cristo dahil sa mababaw na katuwiran na si Cristo ay tinukso ng Diablo .

Itong kanilang unawa na pag tinukso ay hindi na Dios ??? Ito ay isang MALING UNAWA sa dahilang ang TUNAY na DIOS ay pwede tuksuhin pero hindi napapatukso

may patunay ba tayo na ang tunay na Dios ay pwede TUKSUHIN? Mayroon !!!

"Sapagka't siya'y ating Dios, at tayo'y bayan ng kaniyang pastulan, at mga tupa ng kaniyang kamay. Ngayon, kung inyong didinggin ang kaniyang tinig! 

Huwag ninyong papagmatigasin ang inyong puso, gaya sa Meriba, gaya sa kaarawan ng Masa sa ilang: Nang tuksuhin ako ng inyong mga magulang, tinikman ako, at nakita ang gawa ko. Apat na pung taong namanglaw ako sa lahing yaon, at aking sinabi, Bayan na nagkakamali sa kanilang puso. At hindi naalaman ang aking mga daan:Kaya't ako'y sumumpa sa aking poot, na sila'y hindi magsisipasok sa aking kapahingahan.(Awit 95:7-11) 

Dito maliwanag ang tunay na Dios ng Israel ay TINUKSO ng Bayang Israel sa ilang ng Meriba dahil kanilang TINUKSO ANG DIOS ang Dios ay napoot sa kanila na anupat sumumpa siya na ang bayang Israel ay hindi magsisipasok sa kanyang kapahingahan dahil pagmamatigas ng kanilang puso ?

Ang tanong Natin sa mga INC 1914 itong bang Dios na Tinukso sa Ilang ng Meriba hindi ba ito TUNAY na DIOS dahil TINUKSO ng BAYANG ISRAEL 

Kung katuwiran kaya hindi TUNAY na DIOS si Cristo dahil TINUKSO NG DIABLO !!!Eh lalabas na HINDI rin Dios ang TINUKSO ng bayang Israel sa ilang ng Meriba !!! Kasi TINUKSO rin 

At ang patunay na natukso nila ang Dios ay napoot ang Dios sa kanila at isinumpa sila na hindi makakapasok sa kanyang kapahingahan !!! 

Kung ganun pwede pala tuksuhin ang Dios pero gaya ng pagtukso ng bayang Israel sa Dios sa ilang ng Meriba ang ating Panginoong Jesu cristo ay hindi rin napatukso sa Diablo

Bagkus sinaway ng Panginoong Jesus ang Diablo sa pagsabi ...."HUWAG MONG TUKSUHIN ANG PANGINOON MONG DIOS ..ito patunay na inaangkin ng Panginoong Jesus na siya ay PANGINOONG DIOS 

Na pilit tuksuhin ng Diablo !!!!! pero hindi siya natukso ng Diablo .sapagkat siya ay PANGINOONG DIOS na hindi napapatukso.(Gal.6:7) palibhasa'y nagbata siya sa pagkatukso ,siya'y makakasasaklolo sa mga tinukso.

Palibhasa'y nagbata siya sa pagkatukso, siya'y makasasaklolo sa mga tinutukso.(Heb.2:18)

Binigyan ng Dios ng Halimbawa ang tao na ang TUKSO ay Pwede batahin kaya siya man bilang Dios na Makapangyarihan ay nagpakita ng Halimbawa na Pwde batahin ang pamamagitan ng pagpapahinuhod o pagtitiis.(2 Ped.3:15)

Kaya ang Dios ay TINUKSO pero hindi napatukso !!!! pwede tuksuhin ang Dios pero HINDI MATUTUKSO

Kaya hindi dahilan na dahil TINUKSO NG DIABLO si CRISTO ay HINDI NA DIOS si CRISTO kasi Ang DIOS man ng ISRAEL ay ay TINUKSO NG BAYANG ISRAEL sa ILANG ng Meriba ngunit hindi NATUKSO!!!!

Dahil tinukso ng tao ang Dios nagbigay ang Dios ng utos at ito ang nakasulat.

"Ni huwag din naman nating tuksuhin ang Panginoon ,na gaya ng  ilan sa kanila,at nangapahamak sa pamamagitan ng mga ahas.(1 Cor.10:9)

Pwede rin ang Dios GALITIN ang Patunay kaya GALITIN ng TAO ang Dios para magalab sa kanyang GALIT.(Awit 7:11,2 Mga Hari 24:19-20)

Pwede rin pag alabin ng TAO sa PANINIBUGHO ang Dios.(Exo.20:5)

Pwede rin YAMUTIN ng TAO ang Dios .(Malakias 2:17)

Pwede rin MALUMBAY ang Dios sa TAO.(Gen.6:6) upang magkaroon ng SAMA NG LOOB ANG DIOS.(Awit 6:1)

Lahat ng ito ay kaya GAWIN NG TAO para pasamain ang LOOB NG DIOS kaya hindi kataka-taka na PWEDE rin TUKSUHIN ang Dios!!!!


"Nanakawan baga ng tao ang Dios? gayon ma'y ninanakaw ninyo ako. Nguni't inyong sinasabi, Sa ano ka namin ninakawan? Sa mga ikasangpung bahagi at sa mga handog. Kayo'y nangagsumpa ng sumpa sapagka't inyo akong ninakawan, sa makatuwid baga'y nitong buong bansa.(Malakias 3:8-9)

Ngayon Tanong Mga Culto ni Manalo "HINDI ba DIOS ito dahil NANAKAWAN !!!!