But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.(Job 12:7-8)

When the Christian ask the FOWL OF THE AIR----The Christian invented the Air plane 

A man with the brain of a scientist began to think seriouly about attainment of the dream. This was Leonado da Vinci (1452-1519), whose detail study of bird flight nevertheless led him to the erroneous conclusion that man's muscular power, so superior to that of the birds, should enable him to fly in a properly constructed ornithopter,or flapping-wing aircraft.

In 1680, Giovanni Alphonso Borelli's has a result of his detailed study of bird flight, man did not have the power output needed to lift himself and a machine into the air. This brought an end to practically all heavier-than-air experiments until nineteenth century.

On October 15, 1783, Jean-Francois had made a flight in a Mongolfier hot-air balloon tethered flight for 4 minutes 24 second. Lessthan two month later a hydrogen-filled balloon had completed a successful two-hours free flight.

German Otto Lilienthal(1848-1896), whose graceful and beautifully-constructed hang-gliders enable him to become the first man in the world to fly confidently and regularly, total more than 2000 flights.He did not develop control surfaces for his gliders, but rely on body movements to provide limited control in the three axes of pitch, yaw, and roll. He lost his life at age of 48 on 10 August 1896 due to one of his gliders stalled and crashed to the ground. The persons who pioneer of the gliders were Otto Lilienthal (German), Percy Pilcher (England) He also lost his life in a glider clashed three years after Lilienthal, and Octave Chanute (American)(1832-1910)

Wilbur (1867-1912) and Orville (1871-1948) Wright, had been interested in the possibility of mechanical flight in the early years. By 1900, they became freinds with Chanute . Chanute encouraged , providing information, and directly assisted the Wrights to achieve their goal of power flight later.First flight they flied the flyer was on 17 December 1903.This is generally accepted as the first man to accomplised the dream.Eventhrough there are some controversy over the first powered aircraft.

Alberto Santos-Dumont a little brazilian living in France. During 1906, with his No.14-bis which was power by a 50 horsepower Antoinette engine, he made a first flight of 60 meter at Bagattelle, Paris on 23 October 1906. Some people believed that Santos-Dumont really had made the first power flight in history.


When the Christian ask the EARTH ----the Earth speak ---the Christian discover the telephone using earth minerals 

A modern day phone, and a fair number of them are of the rare earth metal variety.

When the Christian ask the fishes of the sea ---the Christian discover the submarine.

This increases the weight of the submarine, so that it sinks into the sea, so that it sinks lower.

Horizontal rudders are titled to make the submarine drive downwards when the tanks are practically full and the boat is ready to submerge. When the submarine is ready to surface, the rudders are moved to drive the boat upwards, and compressed air is forced into the ballast tanks to drive the water out so that the submarine can rise.

Most of the marine animals also use this principle to remain at a selected level in the sea. For example, fish has an air sac, called a swim bladder in its body. This is filled with air and usually occupies about 5 per cent of its total body volume. Its size is adjusted so that the fish is posed at the depth at which is usually lives and feeds. At that level, the condition of its weight is exactly balanced by the upthrust it experiences. To swim up and down the fish uses fins.


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