Augustus Coins

1. Anthony with Octavian

This coin reveals the head of Octavian on the right with caption "CAESAR IMP PONT III VIR R P C" and on the left is Antony with "M ANT IMP AVG III VIR R P C M BARBAT Q P".

2. Bronze coin of Augustus

Wreathed head of Augustus is on the left with "CAESAR AVGVSTVS" written on it, and on the right is a comet with eight rays with tail upward.

3. Augustus: PATER PATRIAE

Lyons mint 2 BC - ca 13 AD, with wreathed head of Augustus, surrounded with words, "CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE".

4. Roman Coin: Augustus

It shows a laureate head of Augustus (30 BC - 14 AD). On display at National Munzsammlung, Munich (Germany).

5. Augustus Coin with Capricorn

Augustus Imperial Silver Denarius with Capricorn his birth sign holding globe between front hooves. It was struck in 12 BC, minted in Lugdunum (Lyon).

6. Ephesus Mint of Augustus Coin

A cistophoric tetradrachm, or a large silver type, struck to the weight of four denarius, on the left is the wreathed head of Octavian with Greek style lettering "IMP CAESAR DIVI COS VI LIBERTATIS P R VINDEX". On the left surrounding laurel leaf is an arising serpent from cista mystica and a PAX the goddess of peace standing left holding caduceus.

7. Head of Augustus with Shield

Bare head of Augustus on the left and on the reverse (right) is a circular shield with aquila on its left. "S" and "P" is written on both left and right at the top of the shield, and "Q" and "R" on both sides at the bottom of the shield.

8. Augustus with Agrippa

It's Denarius of Augustus with Agrippa that dates back to 27 BC-14 AD. It's minted in Rome by Caius Sulpicius Platorinus, moneyer. On the left is Augustus bare head with inscription "CAESAR AVGVSTVS" and Agrippa's head on the right with "M - AGRIPPA PLATORINVS - III - VIR" as its inscription.

9. Augustus and Agrippa with Crown

Denarius of Augustus with oak leaf on his head and Agrippa his right hand man on the right with mural and rostral crown. It was minted in Rome in 12 BC by Cossus Cornelius Lentulus, moneyer.

10. Augustus and Agrippa Back to Back

Heads of Augustus and Agrippa back to back. Agrippa is wearing his rostral crown and the head of Augustus is wreathed. On the right side is a crocodile chained to a palm tree with a palm leaf on either side of the base. It was minted in Gaul, Nemausus.

11. Augustus with Victory

Bare head of Emperor Augustus on the left and Victory with her wings spread on the right, at the back is a column and a shield below.

12. Augustus and Tiberius

This coin was minted in Rome, 13-14 AD. Laureate head of Augustus is on the left with the inscription "CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE", on the right is Tiberius riding a chariot with four horses holding his eagle tipped scepter.

13. Augustus and Victory

Augustus, Armenia Capta. Augustus bare head obverse and on the reverse is an insignia Armenia Capta with Victory kneeling down and cutting the throat of a lying bull.


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