Job 12:8
Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee:

The technique of coring long predates attempts to drill into the Earth’s mantle by the Deep Sea Drilling Program. The value to oceanic and other geologic history of obtaining cores over a wide area of sea floors soon became apparent. Core sampling by many scientific and exploratory organizations expanded rapidly. To date hundreds of thousands of core samples have been collected from floors of all the planet’s oceans and many of its inland waters.

Coring began as a method of sampling surroundings of ore deposits and oil exploration. It soon expanded to oceans, lakes, ice, mud, soiland wood. Cores on very old trees give information about their growth rings without destroying the tree.

Cores indicate variations of climate, species and sedimentary composition during geologic history. The dynamic phenomena of the Earth’s surface are for the most part cyclical in a number of ways, especially temperature and rainfall.

There are many ways to date a core. Once dated, it gives valuable information about changes of climate and terrain. For example, cores in the ocean floor, soil and ice have altered the view of the geologic history of the Pleistocene entirely.

Geotechnical engineers are involved in environmental site assessments that analyze the impact of development on the land. To make recommendations based on soil quality, engineers drill small-diameter boreholes into the ground to collect soil samples. Soil is removed from boreholes in long clear tubes called soil cores. Soil cores permit engineers to examine many feet of the below-ground soil profile. Engineers use the soil cores to characterize the soil profile using borehole logs. They also take soil samples and further analyze them for characteristics, quality, water content, and pollutant or pesticide contamination.

Using Core sampling the Geotechnical engineers get information in the past history of earth about changes of climate and is a DATA CODE of information of earth past.

For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favour the dust thereof. (Psalms 102:14)


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