“You are the light of the world..."(Matthew 5:14)

Light, like all other physical forces, has electric and magnetic effects.Our human body is charged by "light"or static electricity 2,000 yrs ago is already revealed in the bible

From the beginning of time, except for the past few generations, humans lived their entire lives

primarily in direct physical contact with the earth; therefore, it is assumed that humans throughout

evolution were naturally grounded.

In modern times, humans have insulated themselves from contact with the earth by wearing

synthetic soled shoes and living in homes that elevate the body above the earth. Consequently,

humans are no longer naturally grounded and now the body becomes charged with static electricity

and radiated electric fields can now create unnatural weak electric currents with-in the body. 

This work provides evidence that loss of natural ground allows extraneous electricity to interfere

with and stress the normal bioelectrical activities of the body, which thereby interferes with natural

health and sleep.

Today everyone is physically stressed, their muscles are tense, back and joint pain are the norm and

most do not sleep well. These conditions all relate to excess stimulation of the nervous system

and/or interference of the bio-electrical communications between cells.

For instance, muscles only respond to bio-electrical communications from nerves. When these

communications are interfered with muscles become tense and remain tight. This leads to fatigue,

skeletal problems and pain.

To what extent do EMFs create abnormal electrical activity in/or on the body? In 1995 the National

Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [NIEHS] and the US Department of Energy [DOE]

stated that common exposure to electric and magnetic fields [EMFs] from household electrical

wires now produce unnatural weak electric currents between human cells. In other words 24 hours a

day if you live and sleep in a modern home. 

These unnatural currents in the body are the direct result of the body being insulated from ground

contact. The question is do these currents along with the static electricity created on the body from

carpets etc. interfere with normal bioelectrical functions.


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