Genesis 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

How the Sperm of man (Male Person) meet an egg cell of Woman until it is fertilized as One Flesh of healthy fetus in the mother Womb .

The egg swims through a 15cm long, narrow fallopian tubes before reaching the uterus. Its adjacent nutritional cells seem as though a beautiful ring that engulfs around it. Very soon, it will meet with the sperm to start the process of fertilization.

Approximately 5 million of sperms will swim through their final target- the egg that is hidden in the fallopian tube. These sperms have some tremendous forces and large in volumes, nevertheless, only one of them will achieve its mission by reaching the egg.

The outer layer of the egg is protected by a layer of transparent coating, which looks like a beautiful planet suspending in the universe. After crossing more bridges successfully, the sperms finally meet the egg. Nevertheless, the egg membrane becomes a hurdle for the sperms to pass through. At this moment, the sperms plunge their heads to drill deep into the membrane layer of the egg. Simultaneously, they hit their tails by swaying around the egg. Then, the egg follows gradually their tails’ movements in a counterclockwise direction to rotate around them.

This time, the sperms have their heads plunged into the egg. We can clearly see their middle and end parts that are revolving around the egg. They are just like rotating drills moving non-stop while flapping their tails by putting more efforts in order to squeeze through the centre of the egg.

After being fertilized for eight days, embryo completed its “landing” mission. It tries to embed itself into the endometrium (inner membrane of the uterus). This time, it starts to split into a few hundred of cells.

After having fertilized for nearly 6 weeks, human shape is formed. Its heart beat is 140 to 150 beats per minute. Its heartbeat is two fold of its mother’s.

This is a 10-week fetus developed in the mother’s womb.

This is a fetus that has developed within 11 weeks. During the forth month of the pregnancy, the fetus grows from 5cm to 10cm in length.

This is a four-month-and-a-half fetus in the mother’s womb. He moves his arms flexibly and he tends to place his finger near his lip to start sucking on it.

This is a 28-week fetus developed in the mother’s womb.

This 7-month fetus is sleeping quietly and peacefully in the mother’s womb. It looks like a tiny sleeping handsome prince.

The fetus has its legs clearly seen in the mother’s womb.


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